Marie G.
I started training with Travis a little over a year ago.  My then current trainer was in the Reserves and became busy with this work and I needed a new trainer.  I was not sure at first; he seemed quieter and different than my other trainer.  I probably came across a little reserved, also.  Over the year, we have grown more comfortable with each other and are great together.  He has listened to my goals and designed workouts to fit those goals.  At first I was more interested in building muscle definition, but then realized that I needed more cardio, although I hate that.  He varies exercises and has me doing both what I love, weight lifting, and hate, that cardio stuff.  He is easy to talk to, intelligent, and knowledgeable.  He is constantly improving himself, and thus is able to improve me through our time together.  We meet three times a week, and if not able to, we are able to agree on when to make up sessions.  Recently, after a long week of work, we had a Friday workout session that was part therapy session and part workout.  I love that we can and do talk about everything under the sun from what is going on at work for me, world events, medical issues, and anything else that flits through my head as I work out.  He can keep up with me and keep me going when I don’t think I can go any more.  I would recommend him to anyone who wishes to improve themselves and grow, not only in a physical sense, but mentally and spiritually. 

John C.
As a disabled veteran I found I was having difficulty with mobility and pain in my legs and back.  After I began working with Travis I experienced a rapid improvement in both functional ability and pain level.  While I still have issues with my knees, I am more mobile than I have been in several years and my back pain is almost completely gone.  We have now begun working on strength and building endurance.  I highly recommend training with Travis no matter what phase of life you are in.  He was able to understand my issues and his work has definitely improved my quality of life.

Christina S.
I signed up my 11 and 13 year old sons with Travis to train to run kids Spartan Racing and to improve their strength for their ongoing swim team. Although it is not likely the norm for an 11 and 13 year old to have a personal trainer, it has been absolutely valuable developing both their physical and mental skills.

Unlike a workout regimen and a Gym, Travis adjusts the workout based on my sons physical and mental capacity for the day (wrangling 11 and 13 year old boys can be trying). Tavis' approach ensure the boys get the greatest value out of their workout by adjusting daily expectations that prevent burn-out, and address their physical development needs for that particular day. He also provides just the right amount of explanation to the boys about the theory and concepts of physical fitness so they can better understand what they are doing and why.

They have both successfully completed their first two Spartan races and are training for their third this year. Their swimming abilities, physical capabilities, and mental control in physical activities and the competitive space have also dramatically improved.

If you think your situation is not the norm and do not think a trainer is right for you, think again. A trainer s right for you specifically because your situation is unique, and the best way to handle it is with custom designed physical training from Travis.

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